Other Utility Companies

Thinking of moving to Loomis? Having interuptions in service?  Here is a list of utility companies that supply residents and businesses throught the Village.

ATC Communications - Internet & Phone Service Provider

Local Technical Support: 1-308-962-7298

24/7 Technical Support: 1-888-565-5422

Billing Inquiries:  1-888-565-5422

Black Hills Energy - Natural Gas Provider

Emergency?  CALL 911

Customer Service: 888-890-5554

Emergency Assistance: 800-694-8989

Charter Communications - Television & Internet Service Provider

Order new service                                    Contact Customer Support
Call: 1-833-694-9256                               Call: 1-833-780-1880

Country Partners Cooperative - Propane Gas Provider


Southern Power Disctrict - Electricity Provider

All Services, including Outage Reporting & Billing: