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4 Day Precautionary Water Disinfection

Starting at Noon on Friday July 26, we will be disinfecting our water system by adding chlorine. During this disinfection time, residents may notice an odor of chlorine in the water. Chlorine levels are monitored daily to ensure we are within the levels allowed for safe drinking water. Due to recent extreme tempatures, we are taking precaution by preventing any bacteria from growing due to the high heat. Our disinfection will be turned off on Tuesday July 30th around Noon.  Small amounts of chlorine residual may still be noticed in the water for an additional day or two or until the water is flushed through the system. 

Residents with water softners may want to turn them to bypass to prevent damage to their softner system until the disinfection is complete. Although chlorine levels will be low, they may still affect your softners.